Lets pen the noble thoughts.

        Words have power.They are a form of action influencing change.And a group of meaningful words represents a complete living experience.In the beginning there is an embryo of thought and then the thoughts ripen into words.We use words to learn thoughts and thoughts to learn life.Words and its structure,design and layout become important as it carry a message for tomorrows and shed light on our yesterdays.

Thoughts and ideas take years to develop into the final concept  and then the desire to express shapes then into words.The words will come when they are ready and often when most unexpected.Most often they go through the process of rethinking ,rewriting and need reassurance.It takes only a few moments to write some words but it takes lifetime experience and some practice to write them well.


  • To create an environment conducive to fruitful thinking.
  • To provide a platform for show casing the written thoughts.
  • An inspiration to explore the road not taken.
  • An avenue for open interaction and exchange of ideas and thoughts.
  • A helping hand to the budding writers.


  • Develop creative writing skills as part of holistic development.
  • Encourage everyone to read.
  • Exposure to other works.
  • Build confidence for independent thinking.
  • Effective communicative skills.
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